Thursday, August 1, 2013

An introductory, of sorts.

I can't think of a better time and place to write my first post. It's 3:31pm, on a breezy summer afternoon. My nine year old daughter and I are sitting on a blanket  beneath a tree in front of her school. My 17 month old son is napping in his stroller beside us. Seems nice until you realize it's because he is weaning, doesn't know how to nap on his own, and we are doing whatever we can to get him to sleep. 

A few minutes earlier, our friends and neighbors from the other side of the school drove up to us to see what was going on. Being resourceful. Trying to figure out solutions. This is the first time that I have ever been so called and aware to learning how to figure out solutions to everyday life. It has always been a concept but not fully realized until our second child was here and by God's grace, our eyes fully opened. Now, we are purposing to live life intentionally, wonderfully and fully in His grace. Even when it's hard, frustrating or slow going. Like today, with my son waking up only after thirty minutes. It may be a long evening but its never without grace. And it's life, beautiful life!

Welcome to Resolve House. 


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