Monday, August 5, 2013

National Gutierrez Strawberry Dipping Day.

This morning my daughter declared today National Gutierrez Strawberry Dipping Day. In the past, I've told her to hold off on her creative ideas often because I felt we couldn't do it for one reason or other. Now, I'm challenging myself to have fun with my children and to try to make things possible. I told her it was great idea and since we have strawberries, why not!

Being an impromptu family fun holiday, I tried to do my best with what we had. While she helped watch her clingy and tired brother, I put three dipping options out. So, for our first family fun holiday (which she would like to do twice a year) we had warm dark chocolate sauce (dark chocolate chips and almond milk), very raw organic honey and applewood smoked sea salt. Overall we were pleased with the results. Her favorite was using all three ingredients on the strawberry. We left a tasty, gloppy mess of a strawberry for daddy. Happy Monday!


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