Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kingdom first.

I am thankful for His constant pursuing of my heart and His desires for me. He continues to reveal more of what my life in Him should be and challenges me daily. This morning our devotional was about 'The Most Important Prayer'. To be honest, some mornings feel like I'm just reading words with the meaning falling to the wayside. Today I read and my own heart was opened and listening. We talked about what it means to seek His Kingdom first. I had to assist my daughter's answers and by helping her, it was being revealed to me also. How will others see that God is our King, that His Kingdom is first in our lives? Yes, praying and reading His word is essential to every son and daughter but there is more. I challenged her thoughts with the ideas of showing kindness, love and service to others. Asking more about themselves than talking more about ourself. Having kind tones in the way we talk to others and to each other. Being helpful with her brother and obedient to her parents in front of others. All these examples are ways to shine our light and show that He is first in our life. As I shared this with her, areas in my life came to mind that needs adjusting to His will as well. After walking her to school (and confessing my need for Christ in these areas), I began to pray. That our family would seek first His Kingdom before all other things. For us as parents, to adjust and change what needs to be changed in order for us to glorify Him more than anything. For Him to continue to reveal our hearts and to aid us in leading our family well, as our first mission. For these things and more. I'm encouraged by Him and for the desire to want His will more and more every day. To seek His Kingdom first. Here on Earth as it is in Heaven. 


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