Resolve House is a place to show a life living with intention. I am thankful for my little family growing to four and am most thankful for God growing me within my family. These days I am focused on living purposefully, by whatever means and in every situation to His glory, with Him in the center of our lives.

I have been making artwork and illustrations under the name littlebighead for almost ten years. I was blogging at Cider & Faun until finally, after having my second child, I moved to (hello) littlebighead, where I plan to focus on art. I also share at Honey & Bitter, a diary of devotionals, thoughts and prayers.

My family resides in Southern California. Currently living with my parents, it has brought many challenges but by His grace, we are living with purpose and resolve. To do what is best for us and what glorifies Him. Our hope and prayer is to have our own place someday, but this is our journey, learning to live life in any situation while we tie our family bonds stronger to each other.


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  1. Hello sweet Andrea ~ I am so glad to find you here! I had no idea this space existed. You have been added to my feed reader & I look forward to seeing/reading more! ~Jessica xoxo